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Development of New Pharmaceutical Products

Pherin Pharmaceuticals focuses research efforts on the aspects of the chemistry, molecular biology and pharmacology of pherines that hold promise for development into efficient and safe therapeutic applications. The Company's scientific advisors and consultants provide ongoing advice and carry out projects in support of company objectives in their areas of expertise.

Brain Activation

Pherines as Pharmaceutical Products

We have discovered a new class of molecules termed pherines, and gathered a large body of human data that indicate these compounds can have significant applications as pharmaceuticals. Pherines are not ingested or injected, but instead, are self-administered by the patient with a metered nasal spray. Once they have been administered intranasally, pherines modulate the activity of the limbic areas of the brain and the hypothalamus and have a rapid onset of efficacy.

Pherines affect vital areas of the brain. These compounds do not need to circulate in the bloodstream to produce an effect. Instead, they initiate neural impulses that are transmitted by specific pathways that directly and rapidly affect brain function.

As a consequence of binding to receptors, pherines can influence the regulatory functions exerted by the limbic amygdala and hypothalamus. These regulatory functions are potential therapeutic targets for pherines.