Pherin Pharmaceuticals lead program PH94B nasal spray, a Phase 3 ready product, is being developed for the acute treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder under USFDA guidance.

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Take advantage of a new class of compounds being developed for the effective treatment of multiple medical conditions. Pherin Pharmaceuticals is the leader in the development of first-in-class compounds called pherines, administered as a nasal spray in ultra-low dose without the need for systemic exposure. Pherines have excellent safety profile and rapid onset of efficacy demonstrated in clinical trials. We have a diverse product portfolio that increases the probability of commercial success and believe that the therapeutic advantages of our product candidates will result in pherines becoming an important new class of approved pharmaceuticals.

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About Us

Pherin Pharmaceuticals is a privately held clinical stage drug development company headquartered in Mountain View, California. We focus on the development of proprietary compounds called pherines, for the acute treatment of neuropsychiatric and neuroendocrine conditions.

Pherin Pharmaceuticals is led by a highly experienced senior management team. We have assembled a network of external experts to bring our products through all aspects of development successfully. Pherin product candidates currently include:

  • PH94B for Treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder (licensed to VistaGen Therapeutics)
  • PH10 for Treatment of Depression (licensed to VistaGen Therapeutics)
  • PH80-HF for Treatment of Menopausal Hot Flashes
  • PH16 for Cognitive Improvement
  • PH285 for Feeding Disorders
  • PH81 for Treatment of Migraine Headaches

Indication Product Product Status Marketing Rights
Social Anxiety Disorder PH94B Phase 3 VistaGen Therapeutics
Depressive Disorders PH10 Pre-IND VistaGen Therapeutics
Hot Flashes PH80 Phase 2A Pherin Pharmaceuticals
Migraine Headache PH81 Pre-IND Pherin Pharmaceuticals
Cognition Improvement PH16 Pre-IND Pherin Pharmaceuticals
Feeding Disorders PH285 Pre-IND Pherin Pharmaceuticals

Pherin Signs Licensing Agreement with VistaGen Therapeutics

Sept 13, 2018 - Pherin Pharmaceuticals is pleased to report that a worldwide licensing agreement has been reached with VistaGen® Therapeutics to develop and commercialize PH94B nasal spray for the as-needed treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD). Read the September 13, 2018, VistaGen press release.

Announcement 2/13/2019

Pherin Stockholders Letter Feb 2019

Notice to Stakeholders Oct 2019

Dr. Michael Liebowitz Appointed to VistaGen Clinical and Regulatory Advisory Board

Oct 15, 2018 - VistaGen® Therapeutics Appoints Dr. Michael Liebowitz to CNS Clinical and Regulatory Advisory Board in Preparation for Pivotal Phase 3 Development of PH94B as the First Rapid-Acting, On-Demand Treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder. Read the October 15, 2018, VistaGen press release.


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