Pherin Pharmaceuticals lead program PH94B nasal spray, a Phase 3 ready product, is being developed for the acute treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder under USFDA guidance.

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Progress in the Development of Pherine Medications

Pherin Pharmaceuticals focuses on the development of pherines for the acute, intermittent, and long-term treatment of human diseases and disorders. The term pherines refers to odorless substances that have pharmacological effect as a consequence of engaging specific peripheral receptors in the nasal passages. We believe the unique mechanism of action and method of administration of pherines results in numerous therapeutic advantages.

Product Pipeline

Our broad pipeline of products includes the following lead compounds: PH94B nasal spray for acute treatment of social anxiety disorder and PH10 nasal spray for acute, intermittent, and long-term treatment of depression, both recently licensed to VistaGen Therapeuticvs; PH80-HF nasal spray for acute and long-term management of menopausal hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause; PH15 nasal spray for cognitive improvement; and PH284 for increasing appetite in anorexic patients. We are open to discussions of collaborative licensing opportunities with forward-looking and technologically innovative pharmaceutical companies.

Product Pipeline Graph
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The results of a Phase 2B clinical study and a recently completed Phase 3 feasibility study show significant and rapid clinical efficacy, excellent safety and benefits of PH94B for the acute, as-needed treatment of the symptoms of social anxiety disorder.

Pherin also conducted a Phase 2A clinical study to investigate the dosing regimen, product profile, and proof of concept of the product PH10 nasal spray for the acute and PRN treatment of depression.

A Phase 2A was successfully completed using PH80-HF nasal spray for the critical management of menopausal hot flashes. Results show releaf of menopausal hot flashes significantly differfent from the effect of placcebo.  Also completed is a Phase 2B clinical efficacy and safety study of PH80-PMD nasal spray for acute and intermittent treatment of premenstrual dysphoria. PH80-PMD administered intranasally PRN decreased moderate and severe premenstrual symptoms significantly better than placebo during the critical premenstruals days of the cycle without the need of chronic administration.

A Phase 2A study using PH284 nasal spray in 40 inpatients with anorexia due to terminal disease was conducted by Pherin Pharmaceuticals. Results show rapid increase of the subjective feeling of hunger, increased body weight at the end of the treatment period (1 week), and increased quality of life that swas significantly better than the effect of placebo. 

Numerous Therapeutic Advantages

By the direct connections to the limbic system and hypothalamus and the ability of our compounds to act locally, pherines do not need to achieve systemic absorption and distribution. This provides a significant therapeutic advantage over traditional therapeutics targeted at the limbic system and hypothalamus that require access to the systemic circulation and must cross the blood-brain barrier, followed by uptake into the brain to exert their therapeutic effects.